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The status quo between China and India


Since the end of World War II,the world, which taking the peace as the theme, provides China with a goodinternational space and rare historical opportunity for its rapid development.Also, the world offers the development opportunity for India who used to be acolony.


In recent years, the people ofthe world make mention of China and India a lot because the growth of theeconomic in China and India are so fast that the international public could notlose China and India. The people of the world could no longer isolated Chinabecause people could find China’s footprints on every single available cornerin the world. Someone once did an experiment and reached the followingconclusion: the world could neither leave nor isolate China and if the worldleave China, it could not operate normally.


With the growth of the economic,it is normal to build up the force of military and strengthen the ability ofself-defense. In recent years, the average economic growth of China is aroundten percent.The development of China’s economic will not be halted even if theworldwide financial crisis has broken out. Since the war between China andIndia, the United States and other western countries enforced the arms embargoon China. Not even the Soviet Union, who used to be our ‘big brother’, waswilling to help us comprehensively. So in the present international landscape,it is particularly important for China to develop its armed force, to createits weapons, to strengthen its national defense capabilities and to strengthenthe inviolability of the territory and territorial air space. The sense ofpride arises spontaneously when we see China’s military is stronger. However,in order to throw hurdles in China’s development, the foreign countries,especially the United States, the European Union, Japan and other westerncountries, promote ‘the threat of China’ from time to time when facing therapid development of China. The more hurdles we face, the more developments weshould have. Because, on the other aspect, this situation could illustratesthat our goal is correct. There is a saying that, the more the enemy opposes usto do, the more we should support to do it. When the rest of the worldimplements the containment action against us, we should insist on developingourselves, otherwise, we will be treated like a lamb to the slaughter.