As remote work becomes more and more popular it is essential that the right tools are employed to ensure seamless collaboration. These digital tools can help increase efficiency and communication, regardless of the distance between team members.

Slack is an instant messaging platform that works for teams of all shapes and sizes across all industries and has evolved into one of the best tools for remote collaboration. It lets channels be developed based on departments, projects, and even non-work topics like dog pictures (#fun-dogs) or recipes (#foodlovers). File sharing is available with Slack too as are video conferences and conference calls that can be recorded. Trello is an effective project management tool that’s integrated into Slack. This is great for remote project management, since it gives an instant overview of every project in Kanban view.

Asana is another good project management tool that remote teams can benefit from. It allows you to organize tasks, connect with colleagues and share files all from the same place. It is fully integrated, meaning that you can chat, share files and manage assignments from a single platform, making it easier for teams with remote locations to work effectively.

To find a comprehensive online collaboration tool that combines the most effective features, try ClickUp. It’s a central workplace hub built for the way people today want to work with video calling chat, document sharing, chat and task management in one location. Its robust reporting features simplify the process of tracking project performance for managers.