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However there’s a different picture in India. The fight from the partisanship is too serious for the country to maintain a stable economic policy. There’s still a far way from forming a system that will be able to serve the economy growth. The situation is not good.Some economists believe that the Indian government did not focus all attention on the economy’s revolution issues.It shows thatthe economic and social policy is not open enough, there are too much of government expenses andthere’s still a large number of people who show big needs in money and the emergency need for providing infrastructure to the countryside.Unfortunately these matters can be solved only by the government policy instead of the improvement of the international economy environment.

The fact is that every politician represent different interests and when one politician becomes the highest powerful person in the country, it means that people show different attitudes about them.If India’s government can’t make sure about the way of itsdevelopment, whether it is the same with the speed of development or, then the policy would not be able to help, and it won’t be specific enough. And if a policy can only make more deficits then it can not be called a good policy, even though India is a democratic country.