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Brief Analysis the Relationship between China and India

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As the two old countries in the world, China and India communicated a lot in the history, including the communications in the respect of cultures and in the respect of military affairs. Since the Sino-India war from 1960s till now, China and India have contested with each other for several times. Because the mascots in China and India are dragon and elephant respectively, some people believed that the China’s dragon and the India’s elephant have not stopped fighting, whether fight openly or secretly.



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Modern History between China and India

The Sino-India Non-Aggression Treaty was torn by Nehru, the leader of India. However, India gained the supports from the Soviet Union and the United States and India’s army was trained and consolidated by the Soviet Union Military Advisory Group. Under the conditions stated above, Indian troops crossed the ‘McMahon Line’ and commenced strikes at the boundary transition between China and India in Tibet and Qinghai. Since Indian troops gained the supports from the Soviet Union and the United States, the weapons they used at that time mainly came from Europe and the Soviet Union. Under this condition, President Mao gave orders that we should command the army to fight back flexibly in order to give the hard lesson to India and the countries who were behind a plot (the United States, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom). That is to say, at that time, Chinese troops not only defeated the Indian troops but also defeated the military actions from the two superpowers. The victory of this battle settled the foundation of military for the new China and laid the international seat for the development of China in the world.