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The coastline of India is 7,516 kilometers. India has 50 square kilometers shallow water areas and 3,937 fishing village. There are about 800,000 fishing boats. Every year there is about 3.8 million tons of the catching, about 93% are caught from offshore by middle and small fishing boats, about 7% are caught by large fishing boats which are good at catching shrimp. The shrimp they caught are mainly exported to Japan, United States, Europe, mainland China and the Southeast Asian countries.


Animal Husbandry

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There are altogether 470 million livestock in India including 200 million cattle, 90 million water buffalos and tons of Sheep, pigs, chickens, camel, etc. The output of milk and eggs are growing. The income engaging animal husbandry is higher than farming. The reason is in India there are only 1/3 faming land equipping with irrigation system, the rest of the lands are deeply relying on the rainfall. There are ¾ rainfall brought from the monsoon rain, which starts from July and end by the September. Therefore the rainfall is not very stable. There are about ¼ farming lands suffer floods. Therefore, in order to get a better harvest, to update the irrigation technology, irrigation system and improve the farming and fertilization technology are of emergent.