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The Electronics Industry


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Because the local Indian electronic factories are of less competitive ability, the electronic components is not available for supplying too many international computer companies which located their factories in India. Since there is a great demand for the communication and consumer electronics such as 3 c factories, this is a business opportunity which our electronic components factories can seize.



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India is an agricultural nation, there are 65-70% people are relying on agriculture for a living. There are 43% lands are used for farming in order to feed 1 billion people. The output valued brought from agriculture accounts for 19.3% of GDP. Much farming lands with imperfect irrigation system makes 60% farming lands have to rely on the abundant rainfall brought from July to September. The rainfall is not very stable so that it influences the harvest. This make many farmers’ lives difficult. It’s not a fresh news that farmer commits suicide because of agricultural loans. Agriculture becomes one of industries which Indian government paid much attention to.