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On January 22, 2013, India’s industrial policy promotion bureau issued circular to modify the investment requirements of multi-brand retail industry.

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First of all, foreign investment which was invested for the first time at 50% there is a need to invest more than 3 of its total investment including the production quality control mechanism ,packaging warehouse logistics and other inputs, land investment is not included ,follow –up investment is as a demand and set. Secondly, the Indian small enterprises (production equipment is lower than 200 million usd) of foreign investment expenditure which has calculation standard for the completion of the initial contribution in the same year in April 1 date within 5 on the average amount. Thirdly, the retail store should be in the location in the population higher than in 10 cities all together or other similar requirements of the city its radiation area need to cover 10 km outside of the center of urban and rural areas.