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On July 8th,2013,India ‘s Commerce Department announced the “2011,2012 to 2013 ,2014 export doubling plan” mid-term review of the draft ,which referred and intended to implement the new trade policy to consolidate the effect. The purpose of it was firstly in order to stimulate exports and improve domestic manufacturing industry .In addition ,the market access program (MAI) capital goods(ECGC) and export insurance (NEIA) and other measures will also provide a 2% interest rate subsidies to exporters and the policy was extended to 1 year. Secondly, to stimulate engineering outstanding services exports , Ministry of commerce and industry decided that export import bank to ASEAN nations project ,engineering service will provide on interest rate of 2/3 to promote subsidies ,diamond jewelry exports ,raw materials and processing technology on the diamond jewelry preferential tariff reduction . At the same time, the establishment special funds to provide 2% of export opponents handicrafts, carpets, weaving products, sporting goods and toys etc. 2% interest rate subsidies

Indian subsidies are in the form of main support costs which have the lowest price, export credit subsidies tariff concessions preferential etc. in the direct or indirect transfer.