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(1) The provisions on the import of fish oil.

On April 22th, 2013, India’s ministry of commerce issued a circular where it allowed to import unsaturated fatty oil acid and EPA.DHA content is limited to 5 % of its weight.

(2)Electronic and information technology products (mandatory registration requirement) act.

On October 3, 2013, India officially began the implementation of electronic and information technology (Deity)released the “electronic and information technology products”,5 types of audio and video products and 2 kinds of household electrical appliances ,which relate to the laws and regulations of electronic products which must be corresponding to the standard test and registered in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) accredited laboratory ,and affixed to the sign. The scope of the product range and the relevant testing standards based on the Ordinance are shown in the table below. Subject to control products such as non-conformity to the provisions of Indian standards and the registration of the standard-bureau and “self-declaration” must be in line with its national standards and no person can use nominal product others name of its own production, cannot to store and import, sale or distribution of electronic products.

The products which are not conformed with the standards and didn’t meet the requirements and which are unqualified or defective will not be used by the manufacturer.

表1 法令管制的產品範圍及依據的相應測試標準

序號 產 品 名 稱 標準編號 標準名稱
電子遊戲機 IS616:2010 音訊、視頻以及類似電子設備安全要求
可擕式電腦/筆記本/平板電腦 IS13252:2010 資訊技術設備安全通用要求
10 無線鍵盤
11 電話答錄機
12 自動資料處理器
13 機上盒
14 微波爐 IS302225:1994 家用和類似用途電子設備的安全:第2—25部分:微波爐的特殊要求
15 接電網電源的電子鐘 IS302226:1994 家用和類似電子設備的安全:第2—26部分:時鐘的特殊要求

Table 1 the product range and the corresponding testing standards of the test.

Serial number Product name Standard number Standard name
Video game machine IS616:2010 Safety requirement for audio video and similar electronic devices
The screen size is 32 inches and more than the plasma LCD ,LED tv
The input power is 200 W and above. The CD player must be with built-in amplifier.
The input power is 200 W and above
The input power is 200 W and above the electronic music system


IS13252:2010 General requirement for information technology equipment safety
The screen size is 32 inches and above .monitor and video monitor
Printer ,plotter
10 Wireless keyboard
11 Telephone answering machine
12 Automatic date processor
13 Set top box
14 Microwave Owen IS302225:1994 Household and similar electrical equipment for safety. Part 2 to25 have particular requirements for microwave Owen
15 Electronic clock for the power supply of the network IS302226:1994 Household safety and similar electrical equipment .Part 2 to 26 th parts ,special requirements for the clock


The act states that a person authorized by Deity may require inspection of the relevant document, fittings or components of the products in the production, storage, import, sale or circulation .Searching and seizing the product is needed when there is a product violation that does not meet requirements.